Cisco VIC Boot from SAN troubleshooting

the rants of a data center crash test dummy

Boot from SAN is not necessarily one of the easiest things in the world; however, Cisco UCS does take away a lot of the complexity with its Service Profiles and associated Boot Policies. I’m not going to get into an exhaustive post around booting from SAN on Cisco UCS as I think most people have readily documented and how it works. However one important caveat to keep in mind is that the Cisco M81K-R does not have an “HBA BIOS” that is typically available in the Emulex or Qlogic HBA/CNA’s that we’re all familiar with. If you’re unfamiliar with the HBA BIOS utilities, this is typically as Cntrl+E or Cntrl+Q sequence that you can type in as a host is booting up so you can have the HBA log into the fabric and scan for its available luns.

Not to turn into a Debbie Downer, but there is a very…

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Location Specific SOAP – FMCG


I have seen plenty of soaps in the market, some advertise that it is hygienic, kill germs, some shows it moisturizes your skin etc etc. Weather is not same everywhere and it is surprising that there are few weather specific soap available and that too are not known to the people easily. It is left to the people to go for those specific products, and guess what, many wouldn’t have even realized it so far. Marketing firms shout and shout for everything which is visible to everyone for increasing awareness but forgets to understand what is awareness. They take decisions on data but how many of them even think of which data they should use. Unsurprisingly, marketing is such a crap job available in the market where new employer comes and follow the principles which has been followed by the company for years. Like companies consumers are also gaining knowledge everyday, and guess what, more than 50% of the consumers are employees somewhere. So, it is employee vs employee of somewhere Else’s battle. I trying to say that these consumers are becoming more intelligent. For me marketing is about creativity rather than only research, but yes research can give a strong foundation to the marketers, but it is a matter of debate which research to undertake.

We have segmentation in market on geographical locations, but how many of us seen anything precisely to the notion of location? We talk about adopting culture but forgets the cause responsible for that. We talk about climate change but mostly misses the opportunity there for a new segmentation. Here, I would like to bring an idea of manufacturing location specific Soaps or it may be leveraged to other FMCG products available in the market. A proper research on the climate conditions and products favorable to the specific climate for the location would make more sense to the consumers. It is highly important to analyze past data in relation to the climate conditions and other factors such as hardness of water etc, and act accordingly.

Waiting? What The Hell……

while you are waiting

I wait at bus stop, I wait for train, I wait for food, I wait everywhere, probably it is the most difficult thing which I can do so easily. I hate waiting but the irony is that I cannot stop waiting and probably it will go on.  Waiting is always for a deal, and it’s me who choose the deal amongst options available, and I think I mostly chose the alternative path. I imagine what if I were allowed to play cricket all day long with proper trainings from my parents. Who knows if I would have been in Indian cricket team or would have been spoiled by now without getting any opportunity, either way my faith would have been different.

I have been too fuzzy when it comes to make a great call and decide among the options, I don’t know whether I have been taking right decisions in my life, but I have to believe and trust whatever God does is good. Certainly I have to enjoy it else there is no point making life tough for something which could bring a trade offs between the opportunities and patience.


Organize around outcomes, not tasks


I was reading Strategy, process, content and context (Bob and Ron) and found this interesting.

‘Organize around outcomes, not tasks’

The principle says to have one person perform all the steps in a process by designing that person’s job around an objective or outcome instead of a single task. The redesign at Mutual Benefits Life, where individual case managers perform the entire application approval process, is the quintessential example of this. I completely support this because of many reasons and I hope others will also agree with me.

The redesign of an electronics company is another example. It had separate organizations performing each of the five steps between selling and installing the equipment. One group determined customer requirements, another translated those requirements into internal product codes, a third conveyed that information to various plants and warehouses, a fourth received and assembled the components, and fifth delivered and installed the equipment. The process was based on the centuries-old notion of specialized labor and on the limitations inherent in paper files. The departments each processed a specific set of skills, and only one department at a time could do its work.

The customer order moved systematically from step to step. But this sequential processing caused problems. The people getting the information from the customer in step one had to get all the data anyone would need throughout the process, even if it wasn’t needed until step five. In addition, the many hand-offs were responsible were responsible for numerous errors and misunderstandings. Finally, any question about the customer requirements that arose late in the process had to be referred back to the people doing step one, resulting in delay and rework.

When company re engineered, it eliminated the assembly line approach. It compressed responsibility for the various steps and assigned it to one person, the ‘customer service representative.’ The person now oversees the whole process – talking the order, translate the ordering it into product codes, getting the components installed. The customer service rep expedite and coordinates the process, much like a general contractor. And the customer has just one contract, who always knows the status of the order.

Shared music system

I can see sound clouds coming and other cloud services for a better sync to give you a freedom to maintain your current instances and allow you to work from where you stopped.


Today, when I was listening to songs, and was completely into it, I saw its going to be afternoon and I had to take bath. I was too attached with the song that I thought if I could have a system which can sync my music system to my bathroom Speakers and wherever I go. I wish if I could have a single playlist and storage that I can use wherever I want. I wonder If there is a music system which can be shared to multiple points in-house and even when you walk with your friends outside within a certain range limit that plays the same music to all the headphones, or in cars….

I don’t know how many of you want this but I would need this on few occasions. Bye

Shared music system

One Pound Query


(One Pound Query)

I was just wondering if there is a platform to ask anything for a pound. Think about a friend forever who is ready to clear your doubts whenever you need it. Think, you are planning for holiday and need to know where you can go considering your preferences, and you get the answer for one pound with some additional information of your interest.

Some would argue that there are many free sites for this, but how often you get your questions answered is my question, what if you need to buy a mobile phone and due to many models available in the market you are confused to decide which one to buy? or confused about medicinal preferences or anything. It would make more sense to get an experts view on this for just one pound. Likewise, a common place for any query, technical, business related or law related or whatever, would make more sense to it (One Pound Query).