Abhishek Singh [AB]
Manhattan, New York 10019

Bio: No one is good at everything. As much as you may be in command of your core offering, chances are your knowledge, skills, Academics or Experience don’t quite make the grade. You got to excel in the aspect you would like to prosper, Considering too many at a time will only satisfies you, and maybe it can gives you an extra confidence that is completely intangible. It is hard to show confidence on paper, you never be sure of portraying yourself in terms of confidence in paper rather than you can put your honesty in an integrated way to sell yourself. For some it is admirable to have knowledge in various fields but at the same time it does bring uncertainty on limits, and exercising skills on daily basis will not cost anything. That's why learn, unlearn and relearn are my strength. I am a funny guy, always mistaken by everyone with a Word "Crazy". I can never be serious unless there is a need for something from my end 😛 I like to share knowledge, try to learn new things everyday and this is my nature. I have a few ideas, I would like to share them here to make an amendment. This site is about ideas, it is about making life easier and comfortable. I have named this site 'freshmind' to bring new ideas that are not discussed anywhere. I will try to bring new things. Also, I would like to share knowledge on investment banking, economics, strategy, marketing, big data, and virtualization topics.

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