When To Prefer MPLS over Site-to-site VPN? A Short Summary

A very Short writing on why MPLS over Site to site vpn or ILL….

My sincere apologies that it is not in detail…………..When To Prefer MPLS over Site-to-site VPN?

MPLS is an open source technology that stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching. It is data carrying technology for high performance networks.

Why MPLS is fast?

Site to site vpn works on tunneling mechanism has to undergo several steps: when the packet gets generated at layer1, goes to layer2, and layer3 and then tunnelling (layer4). While passing from one layer to another it takes time and thus latencies are caused. MPLS is fast because the processing of data happens at layer2 level and transmitted through layer3 thus lesser overhead and faster TTL. MPLS works on logical path rather than endpoints and help route the traffic through optimal path. It also does (2.5) labelling for certain type of traffic and that might get precedence over another path.


MPLS unlike site-to-site vpn is easy to configure and is user friendly. It is like a cloud where various end-users/sites get connected and thus it is free from site to site vpn’s tedious configurations.

ILL on the other hand serve the same function as MPLS but it will only be there as a connectivity and will not perform any labelling and thus unable to route from shorted time to live (TTL) path and thus the performance is not guaranteed.


In larger organizations, MPLS is “a must” to be quite certain about TTL and if not MPLS in some case “site to site” vpn can serve the purpose but site to site vpn will be an expensive solution and will demand huge administrative effort. ILL is suitable for small offices and branch offices but it is not an optimal and secure way of providing accessibility.


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