The Side Effects of an MBA

Its been a while that I’ve written something on my blog. Like always I’ve been busy with some necessary hindrances, in fact, my days are driven mostly by such priorities that are never urgent and important. Yeah, I normally drive myself, I create my own work, I mostly try innovating work because I generally get bored of mundane tasks. So, the reason for writing this article is how one should exercise stuffs/skills continuing the regular job, however, it amplifies risk in practicing with activities that have short timelines, but it helps in attenuating the side effects of MBA.

Every problem is an opportunity and there are multiple ways to solve them. Uncertainty is more predominant in this era than before and reduces dichotomy as a solution. There is no right or wrong answer is a common phrase everywhere, so who wins at the end of the day? The answer is no one but if you see opportunity in it, you consider any job, except the mighty “Button pressing” job that we use as an example all the time, there are ample opportunities to work in your own way. I don’t mind altering the way I present solutions when given the similar problem day after day. I remember solving integration problem in my school days and in engineering that has many solutions and ways to solve. This is what creativity is in my terms, solving in different ways will help to integrate different models together and you learn doing it every-time. This is how you can leverage your daily task into an enjoyable challenge-able assignment.

Now coming to what MBA thought us, I wouldn’t say I was stupid before MBA but the only one thing I can feel MBA reminds me every-time is that you can be equal to the one in the market who are in the better position or with better pay. It’s all up-to to the leverage level, the extent you market yourself at the right time and at the right place. There is nothing that we missed during MBA, covering political affairs, scientific theories, models, trading, finance, economics, medicines, arguments on issues, sales, negotiations, time management, money management, wealth management etc…you just name it and somehow knowingly or unknowingly it would’ve been covered, and again as stated earlier it lies in the word “leverage”. Now coming to the side effects of MBA, there are many, the most common one is that it makes you arrogant at times when someone talk nonsense, and with poor managers. Other side effects are ending up losing a job due to overconfidence and high expectations. It enables you to challenge and take pressure  all the time, but sometimes you don’t really need to. One very peculiar change is observed in fellow MBA grads is the ever declining ratio of emotional quotient. People lose their sensitivity and become hardened; which may be appropriately called stress hardening in pure engineering terms. Personal and intangible issues take a backseat and life of almost everyone becomes mechanistic to its extreme point. Humans turn into machines churning out PowerPoints and word reports. In addition to this the most deadliest side effect I think is that it demands you to be updated with time, and highly demands practicing tools and subjects, else there will be only artifacts on your name and slowly only “obsolete you” will be left behind.