How Parents dominate in building perceptions

This is human nature that the truth is always argued and lie is accepted with more certainty. We believe how we have been taught to believe. I don’t know how? but family and parents play a vital role in this. It is most likely that you share some of your parents belief and consider them as universal truth. Such as – don’t see welding (acetylene) sparks with naked eye you would get blind, however, it’s a distinctly unhealthy for your eyes, and parents are true. Many would argue that education is the major issue for this but in many circumstances emotions come first before education, and parents mostly try to mold their off-springs in the way they want and possibly in the way their parents wanted. Parents mostly use the worst case scenario to explain certain things so that you take the explanation and consider it on a serious note. This really impacts the fresh brain and it is hard to change unless you really realize its ambivalent characteristics.


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