What is Group cooldown? How to create de-scaling policy in softlayer cloud?

Cool-down is a confusing term in softlayer cloud. Group cool down serves a different purpose, it just waits before making any policy active and start again. It doesn’t monitor server(s), and never wait for changes inside the server, and hence doesn’t wait for server cool-down as the name suggests. Some would not even use cooldown time when initiating policies on specific date or time.

There is a need for creating policies twice when automating from both the end, viz, when server utilization increases, scale the server and when decreases de-scale the server. It can be achieved by creating two policies and two triggers – Given in the figure. Also the descaling depends upon termination policy (newest, oldest, or closet to next charge).


Rest Later, Good Bye!

Refer – http://knowledgelayer.softlayer.com/topic/auto-scale



Softlayer Auto Scale Needs Parent id To View New VM’s Created In The Cloud

Soft-layer an IBM company has recently come up with auto scale feature to give customer a confidence with glitches or heavy utilization with their servers. Auto scale feature in Soft layer will be working through subscription, and can be adjusted as per your need. Users now can specify the trigger, time, cool down period and scale quantity as per requirements and desire. While doing so make sure you have proper account access because sometimes child ID will not be having access to see the new virtual machines created. Child ID at times can very well trigger the scale option but cannot get the information of scaled machines. This is due to the permission issue, and master id/ parent id should be used to provide right access, and to confirm whether the feature is working for you.