How can we avoid missing aircraft?

How can you avoid missing aircraft?

It is strange that we spend billions in search of water on other planets but yet our ocean remains unexplored. Everyone knows satellite imaging is possible, but when it comes to use it for good reason, technology and engineers have excuse all the time. Technology so far has been made to serve the purpose, management strives to define quality and the quality defines the purpose.

How can satellite cameras meant to capture weather related or some sophisticated image for the sake of photography help in finding missing plane in ¾ of earths area?  We have risk management but how far those risks are considered? Cloud has boomed in this decade and gained lots of speculation, and in fact Canada airlines have implemented that as a backup for their black boxes, but that’s not going to find Airplane.

Black box in cloud can significantly reduce risk of losing evidence in a catastrophe. But analyzing black box information is a lengthy process that can take days and time can increase the probabilities of missing the Airplane. I am not against these implementations, but I am worried about the government policies. Finance market is becoming transparent with Dodd Frank and Basel regulations, but regulation for humanity has yet to be proposed . Regulations in air traffic control, regulations with mutual understanding in flying, and of course in searching airplanes should be enhanced. Special search unit with mutual understanding with all Aircraft flying nations should be established. In addition, there should be special camera’s or satellite tracking mechanism installed specially for searching lost Airplanes or for helping whenever needed.

Now comes the idea, everyone knows about satellite phone, they are phones that don’t engage usual cell towers for communication rather than they communicate directly with satellites. Having satellite phone with the black box which can call or text about the situation/location to emergency numbers automatically can help finding the locations of crash. I know people will question on its ability when the sat phones are drowned in the ocean? Enabling it to float over the water surface can serve the purpose.

Another one, how about an idea similar to airbag in cars. What if we have something like airbag/balloon that activates on crash should get tied to a firm part which is made to float over the water surface supporting airbag/balloon to fly over the sea surface for many days, and which should also be able to send emergency signals repeatedly can resolve missing issue to some extent. The “firm” object should be able to keep an account of the location(latitude, longitude) where it got initiated, I mean we should be able to do reverse engineering after finding them for finding the origination.

P.S. Sat phones can either be put inside the airbags or have airbag as an alternative solution.


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