My 27th Birthday

Aug 11 –

It is my 27th Birthday people; quite a long journey isn’t? In these years, I have finished schooling, accomplished engineering, worked for 4 years in IT, then MBA, and now working in Investment bank. If you add years, doing that then a figure of (17+4+4+1+.5 = 26.5 years) will come, that means I have at least missed valuable six month out of my 27 years doing nothing officially. However, these missing six months probably taught me the most, and gave enough to remember, going through tough patches, rejection(s), and tomorrow back in the game again facing defeat after defeat….. I learned how to save money, how to manage in crisis, when things do not go your way try go the “things” way, that means follow what you are aiming for, ask experienced people about it, get knowledge and improve.  I started appreciating criticism long back, and my intention to improve becomes more focused during these 6 months. Sometimes tough times are better than good times because they prepare you for tougher times. The more you struggle the more you understand life; else, there is nothing there in this life. With this note, and this never-ending struggle, I suppose God will continue helping me in maintaining integrity in doing whatever I do. Many Thanks.

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