Is case study a forceful marketing?

If you join any management course Full time, part-time or online, you might have to submit assignments, research papers, and case studies. Sometimes you are allowed to choose your own company for analysis, and sometimes you are given a company to consider. After 2 years of continuous research I am realizing how these case studies have changed my perceptions towards companies I considered for my academic work. Sometimes awareness helps you to get attracted by something more than you never were without. Sometimes ego and arrogance towards some specific observations of the product boost you to build a strong perception. However, on the flip side of that, it can have negative effect as well, for example I remember Foxconn, and some tea which had authenticity issue with the brand (I can recall if I see tea bag) that I don’t admire at all. Also, I build strong perceptions with Nokia, Microsoft, coke etc… during my MBA. MBA students are also consumers, and academic studies for me also help building strong perception for the brand.




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