How Nokia Can Gain Their Market Share Again Creating Multiple Personalities Among People


Multiple personality is a well-known topic, there are many movies/novels based on this. It is often considered as disorder when turns into obsession in an individual. It is also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a severe condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual. The person also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.This post is based on multiple personalities but not on its disorder.

The world is becoming small and so as our feelings, the more we are progressing the more we are realizing that there are many people around the world with similar thinking and feeling. Analytics and big data help to get trends, and we are mostly interested in narrowing the findings to take action(s).

If there are significant group of people who think similarly, then there will also be significant group of people who will not think similarly. Here, I am considering all above 7 Billion people on this planet. People’s thinking and behavior are never constant, you change your perception over time and as per the situation, no one is same all the time throughout day and night. This causes multiple personalities. We play multiple roles in day to day life, everyone is an actor.

There are many scholars working on identifying human behavior and finding a solution to control that. I would suggest that the answer is there in multiple personalities of human being. Humans can be made to think similarly, or can be convinced for anything for some time for sure, but not forever!

Here is the answer for companies struggling with marketing and as a result doing poorly with sales. Let’s take an example of Nokia, if they want to gain market share then they should start working on increasing multiple personalities/feeling in group of people. Increasing multiple personalities will increase probabilities of hitting the desire personalities required to be a loyal consumers. Multiple personalities will swing in many forms, it can be termed as positive, negative or neutral. Positive taken as a favorable personality for any company, negative as harmful personality, and neutral as non-harmful but not favorable.

Let’s come to the point how can Nokia gain its market share? The answer is hidden in how they lost them. It is exactly because of the people who once loved Nokia, stopped loving them later, and Nokia so far failed to persuade why they should love them back. Make people to love your brand again, and this time you will engulf the market. Nokia should start showing weakness of its competitors in their product, for example better screen resolution than Apple, or better battery or better camera or better build. Also, Nokia should keep their enemy closure, may be collaboration at times can help. For me surveys are good, market research is fine but they are not always helpful. If Nokia cannot make world’s best smart phone now, then they should try on changing people’s personalities, make them feel that they don’t have everything with iPhone in hand. Continuous improvement with quality and persistent challenge, and forcing consumers to question and argue themselves will help Nokia.


How can we avoid missing aircraft?

How can you avoid missing aircraft?

It is strange that we spend billions in search of water on other planets but yet our ocean remains unexplored. Everyone knows satellite imaging is possible, but when it comes to use it for good reason, technology and engineers have excuse all the time. Technology so far has been made to serve the purpose, management strives to define quality and the quality defines the purpose.

How can satellite cameras meant to capture weather related or some sophisticated image for the sake of photography help in finding missing plane in ¾ of earths area?  We have risk management but how far those risks are considered? Cloud has boomed in this decade and gained lots of speculation, and in fact Canada airlines have implemented that as a backup for their black boxes, but that’s not going to find Airplane.

Black box in cloud can significantly reduce risk of losing evidence in a catastrophe. But analyzing black box information is a lengthy process that can take days and time can increase the probabilities of missing the Airplane. I am not against these implementations, but I am worried about the government policies. Finance market is becoming transparent with Dodd Frank and Basel regulations, but regulation for humanity has yet to be proposed . Regulations in air traffic control, regulations with mutual understanding in flying, and of course in searching airplanes should be enhanced. Special search unit with mutual understanding with all Aircraft flying nations should be established. In addition, there should be special camera’s or satellite tracking mechanism installed specially for searching lost Airplanes or for helping whenever needed.

Now comes the idea, everyone knows about satellite phone, they are phones that don’t engage usual cell towers for communication rather than they communicate directly with satellites. Having satellite phone with the black box which can call or text about the situation/location to emergency numbers automatically can help finding the locations of crash. I know people will question on its ability when the sat phones are drowned in the ocean? Enabling it to float over the water surface can serve the purpose.

Another one, how about an idea similar to airbag in cars. What if we have something like airbag/balloon that activates on crash should get tied to a firm part which is made to float over the water surface supporting airbag/balloon to fly over the sea surface for many days, and which should also be able to send emergency signals repeatedly can resolve missing issue to some extent. The “firm” object should be able to keep an account of the location(latitude, longitude) where it got initiated, I mean we should be able to do reverse engineering after finding them for finding the origination.

P.S. Sat phones can either be put inside the airbags or have airbag as an alternative solution.

My 27th Birthday

Aug 11 –

It is my 27th Birthday people; quite a long journey isn’t? In these years, I have finished schooling, accomplished engineering, worked for 4 years in IT, then MBA, and now working in Investment bank. If you add years, doing that then a figure of (17+4+4+1+.5 = 26.5 years) will come, that means I have at least missed valuable six month out of my 27 years doing nothing officially. However, these missing six months probably taught me the most, and gave enough to remember, going through tough patches, rejection(s), and tomorrow back in the game again facing defeat after defeat….. I learned how to save money, how to manage in crisis, when things do not go your way try go the “things” way, that means follow what you are aiming for, ask experienced people about it, get knowledge and improve.  I started appreciating criticism long back, and my intention to improve becomes more focused during these 6 months. Sometimes tough times are better than good times because they prepare you for tougher times. The more you struggle the more you understand life; else, there is nothing there in this life. With this note, and this never-ending struggle, I suppose God will continue helping me in maintaining integrity in doing whatever I do. Many Thanks.

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Is case study a forceful marketing?

If you join any management course Full time, part-time or online, you might have to submit assignments, research papers, and case studies. Sometimes you are allowed to choose your own company for analysis, and sometimes you are given a company to consider. After 2 years of continuous research I am realizing how these case studies have changed my perceptions towards companies I considered for my academic work. Sometimes awareness helps you to get attracted by something more than you never were without. Sometimes ego and arrogance towards some specific observations of the product boost you to build a strong perception. However, on the flip side of that, it can have negative effect as well, for example I remember Foxconn, and some tea which had authenticity issue with the brand (I can recall if I see tea bag) that I don’t admire at all. Also, I build strong perceptions with Nokia, Microsoft, coke etc… during my MBA. MBA students are also consumers, and academic studies for me also help building strong perception for the brand.



Investment Bank (IB) in 80s and today


Let me write something on this, its been long time since I wrote something on my blog.

Coming to the point, IB is a straight forward business with many regulations coming in. It is ideal to bring Dodd frank 165 and 166 into the context to support constant change in an organization and its operations. Operations and mainly IT operations are middle office functions in any investment bank.

The more I am interacting with higher management people the more I am realizing the essence of MBA. Now I can understand the problems well and at least suggest something to the management when asked, earlier in my career I was just focused on my work, and always kept my mouth shut in conferences and meetings.

Let’s go in 80s to explain you investment bank operations, I will not use bank name or tools to maintain confidentiality. In 80s there were no computers, no internet, no google, and guess what life was miserable for the traders and operations people. At that age investment banks got divided into 3 sectors, front office – the sales people, and traders, middle office – people who maintains books and records, and the back office – people who reconcile the trades before payment. Without computers operation people had to maintain boxes of records which had divided sections into it on the basis of asset class, country, types and other attributes. Imagine you have a box with different labels (par/distressed) for secondary loan agreement (Trade confirmation, Assignments and assumption, and funding memo documentation scripts) segregated on deal/trade level.

Sales people like today had to go out and search for investments, with beautiful dress and pleasant smell. Once the deal is initiated, sales people had to fill the values on the agreement document with rates, maturity dates, and other conditions, and pass them to traders. Trader finds the trick where to invest and how much, keeping an eye on market conditions, play with futures/forwards, options, swap to build profits. Maintaining records has always been middle office job. Middle office had to confirm rates that has been told to customers and the rate that trader has used for trading are same maintaining data consistency throughout the process. I cannot imagine how trade amendments were done in the past since every documents need sign off at certain check gates during the process, today sign offs are done electronically which made the process must faster and has less risk. Earlier there were people carrying documents personally to the customer for sign-offs whenever needed. As I wrote earlier in my blog how secondary loan functions need agent bank as well, and documentation would’ve become more and more complex in 80s and before. Think about hundreds of thousands of trades coming everyday, and maintaining legal requirements and keeping customers satisfied wouldn’t have been possible without smart investment bankers. IB style in 80s and before gave the real feel of IB and how it works, you knew what you were doing, everything was manual, things in text-book were applied in the same fashion how it works. When computers started coming in IB, it demanded data entry job for many years. I know many people serving at top level management who once had engaged in data entry job in 80s. Slowly tools started to grow so as business and internet revolutionized the finance market. Now there is high frequency trading considering millisecond taking account of clicks you make for buy and sell. The delay between you decide to buy a stock and your click on computer screen can make or break things in high frequency trading.

Finance is an interesting place to be, trillions are traded everyday. It brings competition and excitation. It has plenty of opportunities, and always need new products. I would say it is a business which sits in between government and customers. Regulations come everyday, and you have to follow mandatory obligation. It demands a lot of people in operations to run the business. Operation is basically a residual work of sales/traders, but very critical area for building and maintaining brands. Middle office operation decides process inside the organization, which is very important in finding head counts for employees. Efficient process needs fewer people to work, that is the current focus for every organization since the word “cost cutting” couldn’t have become so popular itself. Automation, data consistency, and control are the main focus, and machines are better doing that.

IB feel has gone long back since computers are smarter than people.

Rest Later! Many Thanks.