Future Aspects Of Piracy Act

In continuation of Impact of SOPA on Economy SOPA threatening social networking?


We are too many when compared to the people monitoring and controlling piracy. Internet perhaps became popular because most of the things over it were free and even today it is significantly important to attract customers. It is even easier to download things over internet than before due to fast generation internet and innovative piracy mechanisms, viz peer – peer connection. One might argue that piracy acts for online contents are only able to make their way to courtroom, however, some made it through – SOPA and PIPA. I can see this taking a leap in the future, when the seriousness with P&L(profit and loss) for the business becomes intense, and when this flood of information require more control. Considering the information you share can be retrieved and be used for/against you anytime. Nothing over internet is secure, even the email which you share could be used by government bodies in critical conditions, you never know.

Think in a situation when you are caught because of piracy and the company that imposed this allegation on you gets complete access to your email id and other sources through which you would’ve distributed those information to others. Imagine you have downloaded a pirated copy of a document and distributed among your friends, it will extend the chain of culprits. It is just an example however it can reveal many other links ,and an endless chain of piracy act can put you in deep trouble.

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