Democratic Benchmarking For Performance Appraisal.

When the Performance Bell-curve Stops Working For You

It is difficult to assess team member’s performance at times and it could bring conflicts among team members when not done properly. There are many performance appraisal (PA) metrics available, however, I have realized that, I have an idea of making PA method even more interesting bringing a democratic benchmarking into it. Lets say, I have 4 employees in my team, I will let all the four employees to choose the best employee(radio button Multiple choice) in the team with no option to choose themselves. Manager(s) can also take part in this procedure with an option of choosing among all the employees in a team. Once this is done check who is the most popular employee(s), and then compare discuss with manager(s)/peers in the organization if that is realistic. If yes, then check who the most famous employe in the team voted for, for example in a team of employees A.B.C and D, suppose B is the most famous employee and he voted for C. Check who has performed well from the “Goals” perspective and use both or B as the benchmark for the team, and then see where others fall.

Later this can be leveraged with bell curve analysis for performance measurement. To be contd……..


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