Will You Allow Others Know That Your Wife is Pregnant Even Before She Tells You?


There are many challenges associated with Big data, I would like to highlight some of the major ones which always lie in the periphery of its core. The first one is technical challenge and it is considered to be the most important challenge because the current information technology can’t handle big data. It wouldn’t need any conformation if it does, and analysis would have been made really easy with choices in place.

What we should do with big data? Whether it should be segmented? How we should encourage people to be experimental?

Far bigger concern is privacy issues, and development about big data. Its shortcomings can be supported with many examples, imagine that others can know before it hit you that you are going to be father! How? Its might be because of your wife’s activity in the Mall or supermarkets, or due to her internet activities through cookies, or why she opted for pregnancy coupons?

Knowing the month of pregnancy can alert the retailers of your future moves? However they do not comply but help in anticipating situations. Later down the line Big data ethics comes into play stating you cannot do it. It become fussy if you can do for the women over 31 years of age and not for others (31 just an example). Anyways it won’t label it from avoiding you to capture those elements. How can you make regulations on what to store and what not to store?

Sometimes the stuffs get bounced. Multidimensional data creates traffic jam of the information, but people don’t stop storing for making revenues and aggregate. It raises a question, who buys the data? Congress can do, ministry of space can do. It can be used to increase customer value, one can measure how fast people are buying things. Big data in traffic control could lead to a better traffic regulations to add more safety. Analysis considering multidimensional data needs integration and equal support from heterogeneous teams. At last mostly we get something else which we never attempted for. However, it raises many authoritative questions that who will combine these information? How to not cross the lines, letting information technology run amok can lead to serious reputation damage. Keep privacy and legal issues in mind. Just because you have access to the data doesn’t mean you can exploit it all in the same way. Be especially wary of data crossing international borders in multi-national organizations.


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