Necessary Hindrance – Time Management

I don’t know why I am writing this, but I have been already anonymously engaged in many activities which I never intended to. The more I look over the past the more I regret about time which has passed. I believe most of the time we spend in a day is not explicitly planned, and we often get engaged in unnecessary talks and sometimes necessary hindrance supersedes the urgency. Time management is absolutely time-consuming itself. How can we manage time effectively by wasting time? There are many time management tips and tricks but trust me, they all are Bull Shit. We humans mostly work on the basis of adrenalin secreted and urgency created. Urgency is because of demand and need, and in some cases our wants guide us to manage time effectively. Above all it’s self urge and self-control which control and monitor our time management. It then helps in improving¬† time management through intuition. This is then collectively termed as practice and discipline, which are two major ingredients for time management. Discipline is selection of the activity and practice is persistently performing the task in relation to that activity.

Time management is not a new topic, and the books which are available in support to it are mostly to help with someone Else’s intuition which has been agreed by many people, and is probably the best thinkable alternative seen. It is highly subjective to debate on ‘necessary hindrance’ that comes into picture and ruin your unplanned day. Though the day is not planned and you might do anything of your interest unless an external urge jumps in your bucket which cannot be ignored. It does not give satisfaction always but could be rewarding if managed well. This is now becoming complex, how can you manage time with necessary hindrance which is not of your interest but is needed due to certain circumstances. That is the reason I think busy people take time to give you time. Unsurprisingly it would’ve been seen and analyzed in the past and the impact would have been realized that it is highly critical to filter necessary hindrances. Undoubtedly, it improves time management and it’s upon us to filter necessary hindrances.


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