Don’t be so transparent, never be so selfless in sales

yesterday, I had a chat with a person, in fact he turned out to be an IITian, electrical engineering Mumbai (1968 batch, if I could remember correctly). He has worked in sales, constructions, warehouse management and so on, but never worked for what he learned in that 4 years (electrical :)). After completing his engineering, he opted for a 4 figure salary job, which was not so easy in 1968, and eventually he entered into sales keeping 4 figures in mind. He said, he worked like machines for BHEL and other partners to deliver his best and to grow. Soon he became key sales employee for his company, and received many awards, he was so outstanding that VP/directors and other top level management used to call him for meetings, other critical activities and parties.

He had a reputation of bringing money (sales) from even a dead consignment, he told me the trick that he used to clear sales delivery from some cruel partners.Actually, there were no computers, telephone was like dream with 7 years waiting, and posts take months to reach. His company had some partners, and they had a reputation of taking the consignment first and later pay the amount through loans. Generally, when sales people go to their production center, their finance officer will make some ways to escape from paying them and frighten them to return their consignment and they will no longer be the partner of their company, and probably seek for some other suppliers. As this is not good for company’s future, most of the sales people returned without getting even a single penny.

What this gentleman used to do was, first he will make them as his friends, and then enter into the production unit and check and note what all materials have been used from the recent consignment which has just delivered. He always kept quiet about the situation, and fortunately no one realized that he is doing so. Later he goes to financial officer and ask for the complete amount otherwise he will revert the consignment and specially those items first which have been used by them, how can you return something you have already eaten? haha. Then if the consignment is of 50 lacs, he will ask for at least 70% of the amount, see the negotiation tricks 🙂 but he and his company are happy even with 50% of the amount. At last they will agree to give him 30 lac or something as the initial payment and after a month or so the other 20. This is how he managed to clear many issues with the partners without revealing this to top level management.


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