My Dearest professor in Engineering – Late Sir Paulson John

I shouldn’t have delayed writing about my best professor. I know him since 2004 as he was one of the finest professors of Mar Athanasius College of Engineering. Before I met him, I was already aware of his greatness from my seniors staying with me in the hostel. I was a fan of his, whenever he gets in the class, I listen to him like he is teaching me for my life. I used to prepare for his class to make myself acquainted with the topics he is going to teach, and always try to complete the class work first, when he asks to make some circuit or anything, if he asks anything in the class I will try to answer those questions. Sometimes, he used to call me after class to his laboratory for some assistance, I am not sure if I have ever helped him in that, but he understood that, and share some knowledge about things which I don’t understand. Though I couldn’t score highest in his subjects but it was quite acceptable. Later in semester 8, I had chosen his elective “optoelectronics” which was quite insightful since I had a strong physics background, but I couldn’t capitalize on it because I accepted IT as my career after engineering. He was also my project supervisor and we, a team of 4 people, made electronic energy meter, and it was quite acceptable. He has helped me a lot in achieving this, and building personality which he might have never thought.

I also admire him for his help after completion of my engineering when I requested him for letter of recommendation for my higher studies. I am so thankful to him that his LOR has proved to be successful and I have completed my MBA. I cannot forget him ever, and I would need his blessings and wishes always.


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