Technopoly + technocracy = Idiocracy


I am not trying to make fun of us rather trying to bring some of the implications due to techno-poly and technocracy. I don’t know but I can sense people are becoming lazy, and as a result conglomerates basically focusing on making things easier for the customer, or this can be stated other way around, conglomerates are making people lazy. I am still looking for a definition for “idea”, is it something which gives you profit at the cost of laziness? I am not sure…

More than half of the world’s population currently lives in cities–and that is increasing. “By 2030, the towns and cities of the developing world will make up 80% of urban humanity and by 2050, seven out of every 10 people will be a city dweller.” – Do You Know What Life Will Be Like In 5 Years? IBM‘s Top Scientist Does. (

Is it good that you make development and move to cities, and seek highlands for holiday? and later dream of building a house on highlands to stay when you retire? I don’t have any specific data on this but I am sure there are people dreaming for something like this. And, I really don’t understand if you can accommodate 7 out of 10 people in cities, who will join military and who will have interest in agriculture?

In a country like India, we have more mobile phones than sanitary toilets. Sometimes satisfaction is just about feeling superior to another and being contemporarily compatible with one another.

Democratization of misfortune:
New Things endlessly destroying the old ones, and another thing is copying – Bairoch offers some example of how easily European countries could copy English inventions. Example,simply by hiring a brother of the great English metallurgist Wilkinson, the French were able to reproduce an English steel factory. Around 1770 a ‘spinning jenny” weaving machine was smuggled into France, and again a single element introduced mechanization to french industry. In 1823 Marc Segium imported two English locomotives, which he set up in the middle of a workshop so that they could be scrupulously imitated (and later improved upon).


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