Counter-factual satisfaction


No realistic target is impossible. It is possible to achieve any target which has possibilities attach to it. I am suggesting here to make a target which you think is almost impossible, it could be anything of your wish. Having multiple targets will engage your brain in multiple ways, and also sometimes deviate from what you are actually trying to achieve, so be careful!  Some people have one major target and other supportive or milestone targets often considered in a short term perspective  to achieve the goal which is great indeed. But I am trying to say, have a mixture of realistic, which is highly possible if you make some efforts from your end, and some unrealistic targets that are not easily achievable. Targets which are not easily achievable could need a miracle or some sorts of big opportunity and luck in favor to get there. Engaging in such targets which are difficult to achieve could be beneficial from counter-factual perspectives, which might result in confidence considering the people who find hard to even participate. Human minds like to stick with emotions and feelings which in turn result in satisfaction. If there is an emotional attachment with the not so easily achievable target, and passion attached to the achievable target, either way you are progressing. Achieving achievable target will boost confidence and prepare yourself for not so easily achievable target. However, motivation is too hard to define, but considering Maslow’s hierarchy and the top triangle “self actualization”, the motivation for getting not so easily achievable target (assuming it is having high incentives attached to it) could lead to a better satisfaction since your brain is ever attached to a difficult target. Open target motivates brain and it stimulates happiness. So, try having mixed targets and see if it works for you. After all satisfaction is what we want.


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