Impact of SOPA on Economy



How many of us would have thought of this shaping in such a fashion, first government put every effort to support the firms promoting this, and now it is difficult to make sense out of this to have such policy. It has a double edged sword effect which cannot undermine its existence why is it so? New marketing tools and plenty of jobs will be in question if such a policy comes in, and guess what, government might have more expenditure in bringing this and exercise. Organizations will have to go back to conventional methods of marketing, unsurprisingly becoming dependent on government for surveys which will be a nightmare for them. With this act (SOPA, PIPA) in place, small companies will not thrive and might even end up shutting down, which might significantly affect the recession to go even further. These big data and data analysis might get more significance and will be granted as a benchmark for many years to come unless there is no regulations made on the usage of past data.

For me, it would bring peace to the people and, it would make more sense to the real world, but education might have significant impact due to this act. Sharing over internet has been a great source of knowledge if taken in a good sense. Government spending on education might lead to a disequilibrium from an economists point of view. But yes, limiting sharing and fear in people’s mind would make internet a place not to become unnecessarily free but also to be responsible.


3 thoughts on “Impact of SOPA on Economy

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