Be the rabbit & follow the rabbit, Get people and find real people


Good and Bad side of Social Networking? I have been in social networking since 2004. I have come across many people and from different regions with different characteristics. Possibly the reason why it is so influential today is because of virtual interactions that people develop are mostly to avoid, deviate or avert something which could reason in some sort of dissatisfaction. Every human needs recognition, and these sites fake you by creating a kinda psychological pride. It gives you a superior feeling over one another, and people usually move on with some ego or grace or disgrace all the time. It is hard to claim its effectiveness to the people who uses it, it is definitely of the interest to the organizations working with the information provided by the people, analyzing through big data analytic. Think you are just sitting for hours and hours over the social networking site just to help companies which are not at all paying you, and instead making their life easy everyday. Superiority or inferiority complex inside you are often mimed with a superficial attractiveness created by you over the circles, and by diplomatic or sarcastic responses. It is difficult to admit how much are you getting benefited by this, it could act as a double edged sword, could make or break your life, but either way you are contributing in the organizational profit indirectly for which you would never get any recognition. It is ironically stupid that, this is not what we want.

I have never realized to make the most of social networking using simple groups. Here, I would like to propose an idea assuming many things in the favor, for example, security, ego, disgrace, and culture. We help people once, we help people twice, and as per The Ben Franklin effect: A person who has done someone a favor is more likely to do that person another favor than they would be if they had received a favor from that person. Similarly, one who harms another is more willing to harm them again than the victim is to retaliate. I would not like to bring the negative part of the theory, rather would like to recommend what if we live in a society where we can share  real things, help among each others, people who feel bored at home can go out and meet people for a reason through a “group society” informing them that there is a need for someone who can fix computers or cars or whatever. It could be leveraged to share vehicles if people from similar or close location are going out or maybe to same destination. This will feel green and could leave you with some savings at the end of the month. I am sure, this could be leveraged in many prospects and would add more sense to social networking.

Be the rabbit & follow the rabbit, Get people and find real people


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