Location Specific SOAP – FMCG


I have seen plenty of soaps in the market, some advertise that it is hygienic, kill germs, some shows it moisturizes your skin etc etc. Weather is not same everywhere and it is surprising that there are few weather specific soap available and that too are not known to the people easily. It is left to the people to go for those specific products, and guess what, many wouldn’t have even realized it so far. Marketing firms shout and shout for everything which is visible to everyone for increasing awareness but forgets to understand what is awareness. They take decisions on data but how many of them even think of which data they should use. Unsurprisingly, marketing is such a crap job available in the market where new employer comes and follow the principles which has been followed by the company for years. Like companies consumers are also gaining knowledge everyday, and guess what, more than 50% of the consumers are employees somewhere. So, it is employee vs employee of somewhere Else’s battle. I trying to say that these consumers are becoming more intelligent. For me marketing is about creativity rather than only research, but yes research can give a strong foundation to the marketers, but it is a matter of debate which research to undertake.

We have segmentation in market on geographical locations, but how many of us seen anything precisely to the notion of location? We talk about adopting culture but forgets the cause responsible for that. We talk about climate change but mostly misses the opportunity there for a new segmentation. Here, I would like to bring an idea of manufacturing location specific Soaps or it may be leveraged to other FMCG products available in the market. A proper research on the climate conditions and products favorable to the specific climate for the location would make more sense to the consumers. It is highly important to analyze past data in relation to the climate conditions and other factors such as hardness of water etc, and act accordingly.


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