Waiting? What The Hell……

while you are waiting

I wait at bus stop, I wait for train, I wait for food, I wait everywhere, probably it is the most difficult thing which I can do so easily. I hate waiting but the irony is that I cannot stop waiting and probably it will go on.  Waiting is always for a deal, and it’s me who choose the deal amongst options available, and I think I mostly chose the alternative path. I imagine what if I were allowed to play cricket all day long with proper trainings from my parents. Who knows if I would have been in Indian cricket team or would have been spoiled by now without getting any opportunity, either way my faith would have been different.

I have been too fuzzy when it comes to make a great call and decide among the options, I don’t know whether I have been taking right decisions in my life, but I have to believe and trust whatever God does is good. Certainly I have to enjoy it else there is no point making life tough for something which could bring a trade offs between the opportunities and patience.



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