Can you buy 1 sq ft. property?


There are lot of property investment firms out there in the market and people to invest in that. Real estate market is considerably seen as a secure investment than any other investments, and it gives several dimensions to the business. It has seen some good returns in past and always expected to grow as the demands are increasing, however, it is mostly significant to the bigger players in the market. The small players are mostly engaged with fixed deposits and national saving certificate etc. Why cannot we think about investing in pieces in real estate business. I am just trying to compartmentalize the things here but to a certain extent.

I don’t know much about property investments but if it is made public in such a way that people even can buy as small as 1 sq ft of share in a property, but collectively it could be thousands of feet would make easier to attract investors from several sectors. The bond could be collectively signed and could go with majority for any decisions. I am not pretty sure, how to figure it out for the long term but it could bring more investors from various sectors due to low risk and high return.


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