Cook yourself for home delivery


Yeah, I was wondering if you could prepare your own food you order, select your ingredients, customize the amount of spices you would like to have and so on. Why wouldn’t you think about learning different dishes from all across the world siting at your home comfortably.

I was thinking of an automated system which takes the inputs from the customer online, and share the kitchen with a video and gives customer a feeling that they are cooking at their home. An interface which can allow them to select the ingredients and items they require with suggestion available about what would be recommended would make more sense to the customers giving a try to cook alone or with the people they love. This could be time consuming as they have to follow every process required for making the dish.

This online cooking could attract the people over weekends when they feel relaxed and would like to wish to have something they prepare themselves. It is a good way to attract someone you love, and serve them something you prepared yourself. Also, there could be templates for preparing dishes for the people who are not confident to go for a specific dish and for those who don’t want to spent time selecting ingredients and cooking.

I am imagining a robot setup with hands capable of directing the commands provided from the customers in the kitchen. These activities should be telecast-ed to the customer through video simultaneously as they give commands. The interactive session should be easy for anyone to understand and cook. Post to the completion the dishes will be delivered to their addresses.


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