Can Humans or Companies Ever Settle?


Struggle‘ is now my best friend. I struggled for everything I achieved, and eventually I have achieved nothing. I tried to get a comfortable life but couldn’t find one. Struggle has been so predominantly dominant in my life that it never allowed me to settle. My parents always wanted me to settle but, why to settle? I always dreamt for a different life not like everyone else. I dream for change, I dream progress.

Companies are run by humans. Companies also ‘struggle to settle‘, but none of them would wish to ‘settle to struggle‘. The former is quite supportive in this ever-changing world. Why wouldn’t we give something extra to the notion of success, after all struggle will act as a barrier to entry for the companies coming in and it gives a good feeling with ‘success‘. Everyone struggles and aims to settle but I don’t think it is ever possible. ‘Settle‘ is not only about being physically stable or a secure job and family, it is about mental peace and it is not for humans.



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