Statistics and Robot in politics


I know this looks funny but it is hard in every corner of the world to elect a right candidate and election is such a crucial time and money consuming process. It takes a toil of the efforts and the speculations besides it forms an unnecessary need for analysis. Media, expert views, statisticians argument and after all managers assumption driven decisions. I would rather say a psychologically biased decision from managers based on personal perceptions and the reality in accordance to the current situation or due to a good or bad past of the politicians can affect the prediction. This is a matter of debate, who count these predictions? is this just for a good feeling if the results are in the favor or to improve if there are chances for a loss. I still do not understand the purpose of statistical analysis if there is no sign of corruption and money spending related to it. What I perceive now, is this a tool to assist how much money should be liquidated in the election to ensure the seat? if so then why are we silent, why do we actually support this?

An honest and controlled top level management can be setup by replacing them by a master robot to have account of everything, this would bring a degree of equality among the politicians and people. Also, this would assist the opposition better. Though, it will bring some limitation in a different dimension but would also give politics a new dimension. A dimension which will have equality and a proper control and a degree of authenticity.


2 thoughts on “Statistics and Robot in politics

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